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The Anointed Rock Church is pleased to offer The Anointed Rock School Of Ministry.  If you are know you have a spiritual call from God on your life and you would like to receive a License to Minister, you may receive your Ministry License from The ARCSOM. You Do Not need to be a part of The Anointed Rock Church to attend and receive your Ministry License from our school of ministry. The ARCSOM is open to all Christians who have been by called

God, and who would like to have formal ministry training and their license to serve in any area of ministry in various settings.

By completing your registration, you affirm that you are a Baptized Believer in Jesus Christ, and you agree with The Anointed Rock Church Statement Of Faith. Your registration also stipulates that you promise to respect the standards of The Anointed Rock Church.

The Anointed Rock Church School Of Ministry is an nondenominational school which teaches and practices the Gifts of The Holy Spirit. The applicant agrees not to teach his or her own special views of doctrine or practice, nor to press them on fellow students, faculty, or staff.

Each student will need to provide his, or her own supply of note paper, pens, pencils, etc. We recommend each student brings a firm surface for taking notes, such as, a clip board,

notebook, tablet, or electronic device for bench/pew seating. Tabletops will not be provided in most class settings. Students will be receive weekly assignments and other materials via e-mail. Onsite students may receive various printed materials. All materials used will be presented in English.

Any books and teaching materials recommended are not required to be purchased, purchase is optional. Materials will be based on The King James Version Bible (KJV), and may reference various other Bible translations, such as the Amplified Bible, Message Bible, Open Bible, New International Version (NIV), and others.  

In the event you are unable to complete your current semester, you may continue with the next available semester until all Ministry License requirements are completed. Graduation will be scheduled for June; details will be provided in May.

Registration and Fees are due by the first scheduled day of class. Registration Fees are Non-refundable on and after the first scheduled day of class. You may apply your unused registration to the next available semester. All paid and non-refundable registrations expire at the end of the registration period of the next available full semester, and can no longer be applied. Students will need to submit a new registration and fees to enroll once their previous registration expires. The Anointed Rock Church is a 501c3 organization. All donations are tax deductible.

The minimum dress code is Church Casual. Please wear knee length attire and appropriate collars for mixed audiences.



​SUNDAY 11:00 A.M. (CST)*

​1507 N Watson Road

Arlington, Texas 76006

(Hwy 360 @ Brown Blvd/Ave K)

(Inside of the DoubleTree Hotel)

(*Alternate Service Time At 1:00 P.M. As Scheduled) 


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